The office fitout

11 03 2010

Before we could move into our new house, I needed to get the room we’d decided on for the office fitted out. We couldn’t move until I could work — my transition from one location to another had to be seamless for my clients. And I couldn’t work until the office was sorted. I did not want to shift, then have workmen trying to work around me and the computers while they set up the office!

I contacted Flexi Home Offices in Perth — they’d done our home office fitout back in 2002 when we were still living in Perth and I was impressed with their workmanship, their ability to cater for our designs and requirements, and the way they cleaned up after themselves! So I was pleasantly surprised that they were happy to come this far south to do this fitout.

(BTW, I tried a local company too, but they never got back to me to arrange a time to come out to even check out and quote on the job! Flexi, on the other hand, did pretty much everything except the final measure over the phone, fax and email.)

Here are some photos of the office during the two days it was installed — click on a photo to see it in a larger view. Oh, and the design was essentially mine with some adaptations and suggestions from the Flexi people during the design stage.

Wine racks have arrived!

11 03 2010

Some 6 weeks after we ordered and paid for them, the wine racks we wanted have arrived and been bolted to the dining room wall. Now we have to fill them! It’s too hot today to go lugging wine cases from the shed, but be assured that we will fill a lot of this rack with wine we already have  😉

For those wanting capacity, each rack takes 12 cases (144 bottles) + 12 bottles across the top. So that makes a total capacity of 26 cases (272 bottles). My husband’s intention is to stack them like the stores — each vertical column will contain one case and the display bottle at the top will tell us what’s in that column.

BTW, we got the racks from Howards Storage World.