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7 06 2009

I had a bit of the pink fabric left over after making the binding for the the very pink laptop tote, so I made a couple of luggage tags (with a plastic window for a business card). You’d never miss these if they were on your luggage at the baggage carousel — they are very distinctive! And bright.

I only made two this afternoon and they’re available from my Etsy store if you want a unique, colorful gift or stocking filler (yes, some people — very weirdorganised ones — are buying Christmas gifts now…). I still have a little more of the striped pink fabric left, but not the fabric used for the strap though — that’s all gone now.

And Sue, I won’t let you buy them! You already have pink luggage tags from me, and your obsession with pink stuff is bordering on manic! 😉

Pink luggage tags

Pink luggage tags



One response

8 06 2009

Hey now! It’s not manic when you wanna put really bright colors on your luggage so that you can easily identify it as it comes tumbling down the console at the airport! Just cuz MY choice of really bright color is PINK!

It’s like, using a pink or purple pen. I mean, really, in an office, how many people will steal that pen off your desk? See there is a reason to my madness!

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