Laptop sleeve/tote pattern finished – finally!

27 06 2009

I FINALLY finished writing up the pattern for the laptop sleeve/tote bag I’ve made for me and for my friends Char and Sue.

Example instructions

Example instructions

The pattern is for sale from my Etsy store here: (as is the laptop made for the pics in that pattern:

The surprising thing about writing up this pattern was how hard it was! The initial writing was easy, but then I had to test it to make sure it was correct.At that point I realised how many assumptions I had made about the audience’s knowledge, so it was back to the drawing board. Like the presentations I’ve done using code, a pattern has to be absolutely correct — no missing or assumed steps. It was much harder than I expectedand took much longer than I thought it would — and I’m a technical writer who does this sort of stuff for a living!