Productive long weekend

27 04 2009

Some long weekends are just about relaxation; others are more productive. My Anzac Day long weekend was a bit of both — and the relaxation and productivity actually went hand in hand… it’s not hard to do something if you’re enjoying it! The weather was fantastic, so that helped.

Some of the things I accomplished this weekend, very few of which were on my ‘to do’ list:

  • Updated personal and business accounts (not so pleasurable, but it has to be done).
  • Did some gardening — mostly clearing out the leaf litter near the now-exposed fence.
  • Installed Atlassian’s Confluence wiki on my PC — this was a pretty painless process (yes!), and I’m very impressed so far with the capabilities of Confluence and how it overcomes a lot of the issues associated with previous wikis I’ve worked on or with. I was also impressed with the deal — $5 for a 5-user system!! (Sorry, the deal’s finished now, in case you wanted your own.)
  • Made a luggage tag from an image in my mind of one I saw my friend Sue had at the conference. Documented and photographed the process, then wrote up the full instructions in a pattern, tested the pattern by making another luggage tag based purely on the instructions. I’ve now added this pattern to my Etsy store.
  • Packaged an Etsy order for a friend in Connecticut.
  • Watched a thriller of a football game on Anzac Day between Collingwood and Essendon — Essendon won at the death knock (sad).
  • Did some cooking, and visited a friend.

All in all, a relaxed stress-free weekend… There should be more of them!



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