No wonder innocent people get killed

4 11 2008

I was driving home from Perth on Sunday afternoon. I’d finished with the freeway and was on Safety Bay Rd (?). A white Commodore passes me, perhaps a tad over the speed limit. Within seconds, a plastered left leg with wiggling toes is put out of the open passenger side window. I can see how the person might have wanted to get some air under the plaster, but did wonder about the sense of hanging their plastered lower leg and foot out of the window some 6″ or so.

About a minute later we cross the Port Kennedy Rd traffic lights (green), then the Commodore slows down, waits for me to pass on the left lane, then does a U-turn into the feeder lane from Port Kennedy Rd onto Safety Bay Rd — the wrong way!!! This is a blind feeder lane, so anyone legitimately turning right from Port Kennedy Rd into Safety Bay Rd (and thus into that feeder lane), would’ve had this IDIOT heading towards them going the wrong way in a one-way street.

Absolute stupidity to put innocent lives at risk like that. Pity I didn’t get the Commodore’s number plate as I would’ve reported this moron.



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