Thank you, Qantas Club

2 11 2008

I’m in the Qantas Club lounge at Sydney Airport, and thought I’d fire up the laptop to read some PDFs I’ve been keeping aside for a spare moment. Before starting reading I figured I may as well check the wireless connection here and see what networks were available. There was an unsecured Telstra one, so I clicked it and expected to have to have a Telstra account to log in. Nope. It was free to members of the Qantas Club! Yay!

This has taken a LONG time (you used to have to pay heaps and get passwords from the service desk etc.), but is a very welcome change. I wonder if it’s only Sydney so far, or in all the lounges…

Sydney: Days 3 and 4

2 11 2008

I attended the ASTC (NSW) Conference for both these days, so not a lot to report outside of that.

The conference was held at the Citigate Central Hotel in Haymarket. It was a MUCH nicer hotel than The Menzies, for about $100 a night less.

The conference dinner was on the Friday night. Of the 30+ delegates, 20 attended the dinner at The Marque Hotel, around the corner from the conference hotel. I had the steak (nice) and then creme brulee dessert (delicious!). On Saturday night I ate at the Field House restaurant within the Citigate Central. I thought I’d be dining alone, but Brian and Lucy turned up and joined me. We had a nice evening, and Brian reckons that after watching my presentation, I’m definitely an ISTJ on the MBTI!!!

I was up bright and early this morning (Sunday) — the plane leaves just after 10am and I’m getting an airport transfer just before 7:30am.