Evolution of a quilt: 7

6 01 2008

I realise that most of my recent posts have been on this quilt. That’s because it’s been the Christmas/New Year break for most businesses in Australia, including my clients. While I have done some paid work, most of the people I deal with on a daily basis have been on vacation. Many return to work tomorrow, so my work commitments will ramp up again and the quilt will have to wait for the weekends.

Anyhow, this weekend was the final onslaught for some time. I spent 8 hours just today on blanket stitching the outlines for the grape leaves, plus a couple of hours at a friend’s place yesterday. My ancient machine doesn’t do blanket stitch and she had kindly offered me the loan of hers at any time. And she told me to take the machine with me when I left her place yesterday to continue the stitching. Thanks Bobbie!

So, where did I leave off last time? Ah yes. Fusing the grape leaves down. I fused some, did free motion embroidery for the veins, laid out the next lot, fused them, created the veins, laid out some more, fused them, etc. The metallic thread kept getting caught in the eye of the needle, so off to the fabric store to buy some special “Metallic” sewing machine needles, with big eyes. That helped.

Grape leaf with gold metallic thread veins

Then came the blanket stitching using Bobbie’s machine…. Ten hours of it! Did I mention how long a quilt takes to construct? You could NEVER sell a quilt for what it costs in time! Even using machine techniques. God forbid how much a hand pieced and quilted quilt would be.

Some leaves with blanket stitch

And the WIP (work in progress) quilt top under Bobbie’s sewing machine:

Work in progress

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