‘The simple truth of service’

26 12 2007

I was sent a link to this inspirational three-minute movie today: http://www.stservicemovie.com/

Take 3 minutes out of your day to watch it—you may never forget it.

(For more movies in this vein, go to the main page: http://www.simpletruths.com/movies/; another one that got me was http://www.appreciationmovie.com/—being an ex-teacher and knowing plenty of other ex-teachers, this one struck home)



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31 12 2007

With the holiday, I can finally catch up on my neglected feeds. Thanks for these lovely links, Rhonda! There are excellent lessons in the service and appreciation movies. However, you could have posted a tissue alert!

31 12 2007

You too for the tissues, huh?

2 06 2008

Maybe it’s winter and I’m cold blooded with icy scepticism, so am wondering if anyone else found the service example reminds them of fictional stories/myths/jokes typically perpetuated with email forwards?
The writing style follows has the same feel that makes them all read acceptably luke warm with enough specific details to be believable, but not unique for identificaiton or verification.
Mainstream media often popup in Mediawatch for taking these stories, not checking them, repackaging them and then being found identical to an internet hoax.

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