Funny girl

7 11 2007

My friend Suzanne has been learning to do stand-up comedy for a few months now, though I have NO IDEA what possessed her to do such a brave and scary thing!

Well, a couple of weeks ago she had her first ever, debut, inaugural, whatever-you-want-to-call-it performance in front of a real live paying crowd. She had five minutes and, in my opinion, she did really well. Suzanne lives in Tasmania these days so I wasn’t able to attend the live performance (she may not have wanted people she knew there anyway—I know if it was me, I wouldn’t have wanted the embarrassment of friends and family seeing me freeze up with stage fright).

Anyhoo… to cut a long story short, someone video-ed her performance and it’s now available on YouTube. I thought she was fantastic, and she made me laugh out loud more than a lot of paid comedians do. Tell me what *you* think of Suzy’s first-ever public performance—I’ll pass your comments on to her. She’d be too embarrassed to ask herself! Go Suzy! (BTW, the video is 5 mins.)


Oh, and she’s really tall (around 6′) and she really DOES have a small car. She also really does Tai Kwan Do, so in the modern comedic tradition, she’s drawing a LOT on personal experiences in this routine. I can’t wait for a routine talking about her massage therapy experiences.



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