Somebody got burned…

31 10 2007

I came across this warning list of things to look for when trying to identify a scam publisher. It’s pretty comprehensive and mostly good advice. I get the feeling from the tone of the writing – especially the list of nasty companies and websites at the end – that the person has been badly burned by the ‘get rich quick by publishing your own book’ schemes.

I like the title of the page too – ‘Preditors and Editors’. Clever.

Two great resource lists

31 10 2007

The Online Education Database has two terrific resources in its online library:

You could spend WEEKS checking these out…


The Eagles are BACK!

31 10 2007

It was a LONG wait, but finally the Eagles have released their double-CD set of “Long Road Out of Eden“. Was the wait worth it? Absolutely!

This is a great album – it may not have any one song that reaches the heights of popularity such as “Hotel California”, but for Eagles fans and anyone who enjoys that West Coast country rock sound, it’s a must.

Just in time for Christmas too, in case you have any baby boomers or other Eagles fans in the family…

And yes, you can buy it via my Amazon store, along with the brilliant “Live at Massey Hall” from Neil Young, recorded in 1971.