Typo… set in steel!

15 10 2007

Just posted on one of my tech writing lists today: http://tinyurl.com/2efb43 (photo of typo on a drain hole cover; suitable for work)


Update on the Aeron chairs

15 10 2007

Ten days ago I reported that my Aeron chairs had arrived. Ten days on and all I can say is that they are GREAT!

While they seem to be really expensive, I figured that I’d already spent almost every working day since 1992 sitting in front of a computer, and was likely to continue to do so for many more years yet. And all that time I’ve sat in cheap, crappy chairs that did nothing for my back or posture. If I think how many cheap office chairs I’ve purchased for myself in the past 15 years (plus all the cheap ones provided at my various workplaces), I reckon I’d have paid for an Aeron and a half by now! Aerons have a 12 year warranty. If you amortise the cost over 12 years, they’re not so expensive after all. And if you also save on chiropractor or masseur bills, the cost is even less. It sounds like I’m justifying the cost – I guess I am! But one chair for 12+ years, compared to three or four chairs over that time plus chiropractor bills and the Aeron doesn’t look expensive at all!

I’m not saying that these Aeron chairs will suit everybody, or cure any back ailments, but in my opinion they are WAY better than any other work chair I have sat in. And my husband agrees – he loves his Aeron too!


New toy!

15 10 2007

I had heaps of loyalty points and got a catalogue of what I could buy with those points a few weeks ago. Normally, these catalogues just go straight in the bin as I usually convert my accumulated points to Frequent Flyer miles about once a year. But I’ve got nearly half a million Frequent Flyer points, so I decided to see if the catalogue had anything that was a ‘nice-to-have-but-I’m-not-going-to-spend-my-money-on-it’ item.

Sure enough, there was! A KitchenAid mixer!! The big mother of all mixers. Until now I’ve been making do with a hand-held electric beater which sparks every time I turn it on. It’s not that I use a mixer very often, but those little beaters have sure had their day. And now maybe with a decent mixer, I’ll make blueberry muffins and the like more often.

Last week my lovely new KitchenAid (as used by Martha Stewart and many many others) arrived. I could’ve chosen one in a really bright colour, but went for boring old cream/vanilla as it will match any future kitchen I have. See my Amazon store for details – including ALL the colours! If you’re in the US, you can purchase it from my Amazon store; if you’re not in the US, you’ll have to source one from your local kitchen store.