Aeron chairs have arrived

5 10 2007

My Aeron chairs arrived yesterday! Woohoo! So far, they are GREAT. I spent a few hours editing a PhD thesis last night after a full day’s work, and doing it like I usually wouldn’t—but only because the chair allowed me to.

I ramped up the font size in the Word doc to some 250%, sat back in the chair, and was still close enough to the keyboard and mouse to make the punctuation and spelling changes I needed to make on this first pass. One of the features of the chair is the ability to adjust each arm’s height, so I had my left arm resting nicely at the height of the desk/keyboard and the right arm adjusted slightly higher to account for the mouse.

The body of the chair is also really comfortable too, but not like ‘fall asleep on the sofa’ comfortable—a good working comfort. The seat base and back are made of some high tech flexible material which adapts to your body and allows it to ‘breathe’. And there’s great lumbar support.




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6 10 2007

Adjusting your new Aeron chair can be confusing. Herman MIller has made adjustment videos that can be seen at http://www.HomeOffice
Just follow this link to get the most enjoyment from your new Aeron…

6 10 2007

Thanks Felix! These little videos were great – I’d had trouble with the forward tilt and with the video I was able to get that working as it should.

15 10 2007
Update on the Aeron chairs « At Random

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23 01 2014

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