Day off

1 09 2007

We took the opportunity of my day off to go to Bunbury yesterday to catch a couple of movies.

I saw “No reservations” which I quite enjoyed. Typical chick flick, but more of a 30s-something chick flick than a teenage angst movie. Catherine Zeta-Jones was good in the lead role. Not too taxing on the brain – a piece of light entertainment to take you out of your normal routine for an hour or so.

My husband saw two action movies back to back: “Die hard 4” followed by “The Bourne Ultimatum”. Even though “Bourne” got 5 stars from the local reviewers, he said he enjoyed “Die Hard 4” better. I know I wouldn’t have liked EITHER of them!

While he was watching the second movie I went shopping. Nothing startling – just some sheets for the sofa bed, some printer cartridges, and a couple of other odds and sods.

We ate a late lunch at the kebab shop across the road from the cinema. The hot chilli sauce was REALLY hot (yes!), but my beef doner kebab was disappointing as they used some sort of minced meat mix for the ‘beef’ instead of the shavings of beef that I’m used to. That mince stuff tasted very ordinary, even with the great chilli sauce.



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