Good customer service

23 08 2007

I received this on Wednesday, a few days after last week’s Skype outage:

As a goodwill gesture to all you faithful Skype Pro, Skype Unlimited, SkypeIn or Skype Voicemail customers, we’re adding an additional seven days to your current subscription, free of charge. And even if you didn’t miss out on using Skype last week – you can still have a week free on Skype, on the house!

They didn’t have to do that, but it’s nice that they did. An ex-colleague of mine once told me that it’s not the problem that causes customer anger so much as how you deal with the problem. Skype kept their users informed every few hours via their blog, and when the situation returned to normal, they ‘rewarded’ their customers with this extra.

Well done, Skype.



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