A better experience

23 08 2007

We decided to give Jarrah Jack’s another try (see previous post for our bad experience there a few weeks ago). I’d taken the day off work so we drove down to Pemberton for lunch and to sample the wines and beers at Jarrah Jack’s Brewery and Woodsmoke Winery.

Our experience this time was much better. Not perfect, but decidely better than the last one! They must be doing something right as there was a decent crowd there for mid-week lunch: in winter and not in the school holidays. Small groups of people too, so it’s not like there was a busload of tourists that had to be catered for. We arrived just after 1:00pm so were at the tail end of the traditional lunch period. We had a short wait for the beer tasting sample, and a bit of a wait for our lunch. But nothing out of the ordinary. Lunch was nice, but nothing to rave about. And this time the service was friendly.

Can’t ask for much more than that, really. At least, we now have a better impression and will likely return. They need to do something about that awful potholed gravel road and driveway though…

Photo of the beer tasting rack to come…

Beer tasting rack



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