“Happy Feet”

2 08 2007

I finally got around to watching “Happy Feet” tonight! (does happy dance!).

As a great fan of good animations—it must be from that time I spent working for a 2D-to-3D movie software conversion company and a group of very talented CGI special effects people—I was hoping this would be a good one.

And it was! It was great. Brilliant animation that had you wondering at times whether it was live action or just drawings (the orcas and elephant seals were particularly realistic, along with the water, the snow, and the icebergs—even the blizzard). Terrific songs all the way through, and a nice story to boot.

Even better, it was Australian made! And there was a nice tribute to Steve Irwin in the dedications at the end of the credits for the cast of thousands. He also was the voice of one of Aussie elephant seals.

If you haven’t seen it, do so.  Highly recommended.



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