Street-wise emus and kangaroos

23 07 2007

One of the things that many in the US have often asked is “Do kangaroos hop down the main street?” Those who have actually been to Australia never ask this question, and it often amuses us Aussies to answer “Yes”, just to see the reaction.

Well, yesterday we found a town where kangaroos and emus *do* roam the streets!! Despite the wintery weather (rain, strong winds, cold), we took a drive to Donnelly River, then on to Manjimup and Pemberton and back.

Donnelly River is an old mill town. Like many small towns in the southwest of Western Australia, when the timber mill closed the town died. But they kept the houses at Donnelly River and have made the place into a holiday village where you can rent out a whole house or two or three for a night or a week at a time. There are a couple of places like this in southwest, and they are ideal for large community, corporate, or school groups – or just a very big family!So we drove through the two streets in Donnelly River. And saw about 6 kangaroos and at least a dozen emus just wandering about without a care in the world. Some were strolling across the old school yard, others were lolling about on front lawns, some were lurking near verandas, others were sheltering out of the rain under trees in front yards, and still others were ambling down the road.

To the Americans I’ve kidded about this, I take it all back! Donnelly River is one town in Australia where kangaroos and emus *do* roam the streets!

More pictures of the kangaroos and emus at Donnelly River…

Emu strolling along the main street of Donnelly River



One response

30 07 2007

Laugh! If only I had a dollar for every time I was asked the same question…
Although having lived in a country town just prior to moving to the US, I wasn’t lying when I answered in the affirmative either. We mightn’t have had Emu’s, but there were certainly Kangaroo’s from time to time. My funniest phone call when working in local government was from a concerned tourist telling me that there was a “koala walking down main street”. There actually was. We simply let it continue it’s stroll until it found a nice tree to climb.

I did have a couple of people here fooled though, that I had to keep a boomerang handy, just in case a crocodile tried to attack the dogs in the backyard… 😉

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