Bank makes good

13 04 2007

Back in February, I wrote about the stuff up our bank made with the Settlement on our house. Long story, short – I wrote a letter of complaint via our Mortgage Broker, the bank contacted me last week, and we got the valuation fees refunded this week. Tristan at the bank admitted they sat on the formal documentation for over two weeks without doing anything, which is what caused the delay. So, as a matter of good faith, they were refunding the fee.

It’s nice to know that sometimes a large enterprise admits they were at fault.



One response

22 04 2010
Bank ‘loses’ 64K of our money « At Random

[…] So, I’ll wait and see… Tomorrow I’ll check the bank accounts as soon as I wake up, and see if they’ve got it right this time. I’ve decided not to get them to swap the amounts around — the figures are close enough to each other that I can transfer funds from one account to the other easily if I decide to do so. Besides, I really don’t trust them to get it right! Of course, it could’ve been nasty and cost us dearly if one of these incorrect amounts was critical for a specific payment — would the bank admit their error and pay any penalty fees, had that been the case?? Not without a fight, I suspect. […]

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