Comfort Food 10: Lamburgers

9 04 2007

Our local butcher, Greg (Bridgetown Meat Supply, near IGA), makes these delicious minced lamb patties with cheese and mustard. I flatten them out into burgers and cook them up with a slew of onions and fresh chilli if I have it – I cook them so it’s like they’re BBQ’ed – then slap them inside a really crusty bread roll with a good smear of a yellow mustard seed and chilli spread, a slice of cheese, thinly sliced tomatoes, cucumber, and lettuce. Yummy!




2 responses

16 04 2007

Ooooooh, that sounds (and looks) great! Just our kind of meat/meal!

24 05 2008
South by southwest « At Random

[…] (an Australian favourite he can’t get easily in the US) and my husband’s favourite—lamb burgers. Lots of talk, laughter, and catching […]

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