Down south for the weekend

25 09 2006

We drove down south early on Saturday morning for the annual general meeting of owners of the place where we purchased our block of land. The meeting was a typical AGM, with certain personalities pretty obvious (every crowd has them…).

The meeting was followed by a sausage sizzle where we met some of our new neighbours-to-be. A nice crowd with quite a few common interests – we’re going to like living there!

Driving back to Busselton to stay overnight, I only saw 11 cars in the entire 75 minute trip! Reason: The Eagles were playing (and defeating) Adelaide in their elimination final!

It was a wonderful dream while it lasted

25 09 2006

After a stellar last half of the season and breaking many club records, the Freo Dockers were defeated in their semi-final against Sydney on Friday night. Sydney just played better and stopped the Dockers’ running game. While it was a disappointing end to their fantastic season, some good came out of it. Members and supporters got a lot of joy from the way the boys played after the mid-season break – and of course, that raises our expectations for next year!

The dream of a Western Derby Grand Final wasn’t to be (how good would that have been?!), but at least one of the West Australian teams will be there again this year – the West Coast Eagles play the Sydney Swans in the BIG ONE at the MCG on Saturday afternoon. Go the Eagles!