Footy, Freo, Finals!

20 09 2006

I heard last night that Hoyts Cinemas at Carousel were going to use some of their movie theatres to show the game against Sydney at 6pm on Friday night – sorry, looks as though my source was wrong – they’re showing the Grand Final next week! No idea how much for a seat $10 for standard seats; $30 for La Premiere seats. Watching the game on a screen that size would be awesome!

The boys fly to Sydney today, to play on a ground they have never played on in their 12 years in the AFL competition. That doesn’t seem fair.

I’ll give you “tweety bird”!

20 09 2006

I love the sound of birds chirping in the morning as I drift in and out of consciousness around 5am, preparing mentally for the day in front of me. And as spring is here and the mornings are getting lighter, the early morning bird chorus is a delight.

But what’s with a bird starting its song at 11pm??? And not stopping…

For some time now (not just full moon when I know some birds get confused with the amount of light), there’s this one bird nearby that wakes up sometime around 11pm and starts in on his/her song. Twitter, twitter, cheep, cheep. Delightful at 5am. Rage inducing at 11pm when I’m trying to get to sleep!