An interesting week

21 09 2006

Two things this week that made my general day-to-day activities a bit different.

First, a friend in the US put me in touch with an author of a book on some software I use (was Macromedia’s Captivate; now owned by Adobe). The author wanted someone to co-write the update for v2 of this software (due out next month?), but unfortunately, after some to-ing and fro-ing via IM, I had to decline as the time frame was way too short. If I wasn’t already committed to 40 hours/week with existing contracts, I would’ve jumped at the chance. Not many dollars in writing books, but kudos can come in other ways! Maybe next time… (thanks Char!)

Second, I was asked to speak about my one-person business to a small group of undergrad students at Curtin Business School who are studying stuff on entrepreneurship. That was pretty neat and they asked some insightful questions. Thanks, Alicia.