Back to work…

8 05 2006

It was hard going back to work today. After 5 weeks away from the normal day-to-day, slipping back in was relatively easy, but my head wandered off occasionally to what we were doing ‘this time last week’… which was swimming with the fishies out on the Great Barrier Reef!

And after two conferences where I ‘swam with my own kind’, coming back to the normal world was a bit of a let-down. At conferences I get to discuss all sorts of things with like-minded colleagues from around the world – and they understand the issues without the level of detailed explanation required by the rest of humanity. One example that springs to mind was the editing mark-ups made on the sample menu provided by the hotel where we had the Trivia Night last Thursday. No-one else would’ve understood, but we all understood perfectly how a plural that is turned into a possessive gets up our collective noses! (The menu had possessive “Pasta’s” and “tomato’s” when it should have used the plural “Pasta” and “tomatoes”; and “corriander” for “coriander”, and other spelling errors too numerous to remember. Shudder.)

Ah well. I’ll work on the “work to save for the next trip away” scenario and get back into work mode all too soon and the memories of the trip will become distant ones.



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