Shocker Dockers!

16 05 2006

I wasn’t going to write about the 3 hours I wasted on Saturday afternoon watching the footy live on TV, but I am… What a disappointment after the phenomenal game last week against the Eagles. In the Derby, the Dockers played well and as a team, with heart, passion, and soul. This Saturday they had a flash of brilliance in the first 90 seconds, scoring 2 goals (including Jeff Farmer’s 400th milestone), then…. nothing! Their next goal came about 15 mins into the second quarter. It’s not that they didn’t get it into their 50 – they did; they just couldn’t convert those forays into scores on the board. Invariably a long bomb into our 50 landed beautifully in the hands of a Melbourne player.

Did they play with heart, soul, and passion? No! Were the fans and supporters disappointed? You bet! Do I want to talk about it any more? No way. Let’s move on to this week…



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