Bathroom renos: Day 13

1 03 2023

The fittings are starting to go in—there’ll be more this afternoon, so I’ll add more photos at the end of the day.


Double shelves in the shower because we BOTH have shampoos etc. These were going to be side by side, but the position of the pipework behind the walls and the narrow gap for the shower hose meant that wasn’t a good option in reality (it looked good on paper, but sometimes you have to make compromises along the way, such as the position of the mixer tap for the shower—that was meant to be much closer to the window, but the hot water pipes for the whole house are behind the first set of tiles on that wall and the pipework for the shower and its tap cross those pipes so we couldn’t put the tap there without ripping out the whole wall (a load-bearing wall) and starting again—not going to happen!). Also a grab rail for holding onto when you clean your feet and between your toes.

Smart toilet facing the wrong way, but ready to be installed when the plumber comes tomorrow. Toilet roll holder still to be added, but grab rail already in place—remember, we want to ‘age in place’ in this house, so putting these things in now means we don’t have to retrofit if one of us has a temporary or long-term disability, or just needs a bit of support getting onto or off the toilet.

Double towel rails on the wall opposite the walk-in shower (DH is ~1.9 m tall, so the top one is for him!). If we need more towel rails, they can go on the back of the sliding doors (I’ve already checked this with the PM). Oh, and the vanity top, doors and handles have been added.



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