Firefighting aircraft call signs (southwest Western Australia)

13 12 2022

It’s bushfire season and already the firefighting aircraft have had their work cut out for them.

This post is for me to save me having to click on all the call signs on FlightRadar24:

  • BDOG125, BDOG642, BDOG646 – spotter planes?
  • BMBR132, BMBR139 – Hercules C130 (the big ones!)
  • BMBR605, BMBR608, BMBR611 – yellow air tractors
  • DUJ – yellow air tractor
  • EGU – helicopter, possibly a spotter
  • FBIR661, FBIR662 – helicopters
  • FCO, FCU – yellow air tractors
  • FNE – yellow air tractor
  • N260UH – Sikorsky Blackhawk helicopter
  • NID – yellow air tractor
  • PEK – yellow air tractor
  • PKAR644 – spotter plane?
  • SPTRxxx – state government (spotter?) planes, likely used by the DBCA and/or DFES

Other aircraft:

  • FDxxx – Royal Flying Doctor (planes and helicopters)
  • RSCxxx – RAC rescue helicopter



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