Moving teeth

28 04 2021

So, here’s a thing I didn’t know—it seems your teeth can move as you age! I’ve noticed a gap between two of my front left teeth getting wider and wider, and finally I asked my dentist to fix it. It ended up being just treated as a standard filling under a standard consultation time, so it cost no more than any other filling I might have. And it filled the gap!

Here’s how my teeth have moved over the past 13 years:

2008 no gaps in teeth

2010 – maybe a slight gap starting to form

2018 – gap is noticeable between the left central and lateral incisors (front left teeth, as shown on the right in this picture)

2021 – gap is quite big now

2021 – all filled!




2 responses

29 04 2021

Thanks for the info. i have had a gap on some back teeth, and wondered what was happening.

3 05 2021

yep, I now have a gap between my front two bottom teeth and the gap between my front two top teeth (that I’ve had for years) has closed !!! oh the joys of getting older 🙂

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