Tree pruning and removal day

6 01 2021

We had a dead protea (not sure of the variety) and a Phoenix palm that needed to be removed, as well as peppermint tree that needed to be trimmed and balanced, and a massive protea in the garden that needed to have its lower branches removed. Today was the day—4 blokes, two trucks (one with a wood chipper trailer, the other with a cherry picker), a van, and several chainsaws. An hour or so later and they were all done.

Very sad and dead Phoenix palm. It was knocked over in a storm several years ago and valiantly tried to survive.

Bushiness of the massive protea that needed its lower limbs removed

Almost dead protea. Its root base had been attacked by termites several years ago, and it tried to hang on too, to no avail

Peppermint tree at the front of the house, before they started trimming it

Peppermint tree after its haircut

Removing the lower branches of the big protea and removing the dead protea behind it has opened up light into that part of the garden and you can see the street now. There’s also a palm that I’d never seen before growing under the branches of the big protea!

Carrying a branch of the dead protea to the wood chipper



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