Community Quilts 432 to 444

10 01 2019

Here’s the latest batch of quilts I quilted for the West Australian Quilters Association’s Community Quilts program.

(Click on a photo to view it larger)

Community Quilt 432

Community Quilt 433


Community Quilt 434

Community Quilt 435


Community Quilt 436

Community Quilt 437


Community Quilt 438

Community Quilt 439

Community Quilt 440

Community Quilt 441

Community Quilt 442

Community Quilt 443

Community Quilt 444





2 responses

10 01 2019
Mary Ed Williams

Way to go, Rhonda. The quilts are lovely and the quilting is great. You give me inspiration. And I love your blogs about your trips – I travel through you!

11 01 2019

Thanks Mary Ed.

I can’t take any credit for the quilt top designs and fabrics as they are created by others in our state guild. But the quilting is all mine 🙂


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