Community Quilts 423 to 431

5 12 2018

Another batch, most of which were done when I returned from my US trip. However, when I took photos of them, one of the settings on my camera must’ve been off as the photos came out very bleached. I’ve adjusted the brightness/contrast in my photo manipulation software, but the colours really don’t reflect the actual colours of the quilts. I’m disappointed in the quality of the photos, and no longer have the quilts to retake photos from.

(Click on a photo to view it larger)

Community Quilt 423

Community Quilt 424

Community Quilt 425

Community Quilt 426

Community Quilt 427

Community Quilt 428

Community Quilt 429

Community Quilt 430

Community Quilt 431




2 responses

5 12 2018
Mary Ed Williams

Glad to see you back to posting quilts. I love to use them for inspiration. How do you secure your layers?

6 12 2018

They come to me already basted — usually with basting pins, but in this last batch quite a few were basted with those tiny plastic tags (mini versions of the ones you get on clothing), which the needle just goes straight over without any problem.

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