Retreat with friends

20 01 2019

Early in January, I went on a 4-day quilting/sewing retreat with some friends. During that time I made a jelly roll rug (my first ever!), and four quilt tops. The jelly roll colours were much more vibrant than the photo shows. The jelly roll fabric was from the ‘Pastiche’ range by Jason Yenter, In The Beginning Fabrics ( and

The jelly roll instructions I used/modified are here:, with an accompanying 22-minute YouTube video:


Three of the quilt tops are simple — each took me about 4 hours from scrap fabric to a finished top, with borders. Each cut piece is 6.5 x 3.5 inches.

The other (pink one) was a scrappy improv quilt, where I take bits of sort of matching fabric scraps and sew them together, until I end up with other pieces of fabric that I can cut into blocks—in this case, 12.5 inch blocks. Then I added sashing strips and a border. This sort of improv quilt takes much longer than the simple scrappy ones, but it’s a good way to use up smaller scraps.

We all worked on our own projects, in that comfortable silence that good friends have. These retreats are good for my soul!

Look at this amazing wolf Jo made from a Violet Craft pattern!

And Carol has decided that usual sized hexies just aren’t enough (I can’t even do those!), so she does miniature ones! I think she’s mad!!


Community Quilts 432 to 444

10 01 2019

Here’s the latest batch of quilts I quilted for the West Australian Quilters Association’s Community Quilts program.

(Click on a photo to view it larger)

Community Quilt 432

Community Quilt 433


Community Quilt 434

Community Quilt 435


Community Quilt 436

Community Quilt 437


Community Quilt 438

Community Quilt 439

Community Quilt 440

Community Quilt 441

Community Quilt 442

Community Quilt 443

Community Quilt 444