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12 12 2015

I’m having shoulder surgery the Saturday before Christmas and won’t be able to drive, shop, prep meals etc. for a couple of weeks at least. Although my DH will help out, I think it’s a big ask to get him to go to the supermarket just to get usual groceries during the madness of the days prior to Xmas. He doesn’t deal with supermarkets/shopping/crowds at the best of times, so I’ve decided to try Coles’ online shopping and delivery service (Australia only). The registration, ordering, and checkout processes were surprisingly good and very easy, though it was a bit scary to see evidence of what they know I buy regularly! The next stage will be how timely and accurately the goods will be delivered on Saturday afternoon. I’ve shopped for all sorts of things online before, just never my weekly groceries! New experience.

Update: Saturday 12 December 2015

Well, my first Coles online shopping experience was probably the best customer experience I’ve had in an awfully long time, so much so that I’ll have no hesitation in repeating it. (Note: Long read! Might be useful info for Aussies.)

Why? Online ordering via their website was simple, easy to understand, with clear instructions and notifications — a great user experience. However, the critical thing for me was would they deliver when they said AND would the quality of the items picked for me be up to par. A resounding ‘yes’ on both counts.

I had an email this morning telling me that my 3-5pm delivery window was now 3:40-4:40pm with a link to track the progress closer to the time. I did that, and the delivery window narrowed to 4:02pm. I watched out for the Coles delivery truck and it was 3 minutes early! The chap who delivered the groceries to the front door also offered to bring them inside for me and put them on the kitchen counter. As I was a first-time customer, he also explained the delivery docket and showed me the number to call if ANYTHING wasn’t right.

He also told me that getting groceries delivered was actually cheaper than going to the store (which it definitely is in my case as I don’t have to do a 20-25 minute round trip to do my weekly shopping). The price is the same as the store price, and as this was my first order, delivery was free. If I order again and the order is over $100 and I get it delivered on a Wednesday, it’s also free delivery. Under other circumstances, delivery fees range from $6 to $12 depending on the time slot you want. Considering the goods come not from my local store but from a store some 25 km away (50 km round trip), that a pretty good deal.

Now, to the quality. They use a refrigerated truck and the items were nice and cold when I got them. The capsicum and the nectarines had no blemishes. The milk’s ‘use by’ date is a week hence. The celery was crisp and fresh. But the biggest test I set them (in my own mind) were the avocados. Would they be firm and just ripe, but not rock hard? Would they be over ripe and mushy? Would they be the smaller runts in the litter? They were perfect!! Firm with just enough softness when gently pressed–they’ll last for up to a week by my guess, though I’ll have eaten them by then 😉

Would I do this again? Absolutely! I’m going to have to when I have my surgery next Saturday anyway, but I think I’ll now change my habits and just go to the shops (for the few things not available online [e.g. hot chicken]), newsagency, and post office once a week (instead of twice a week) and get the bulk of my groceries delivered. It saved a good hour or more of my time, plus wear and tear on the car, parking hassles, people hassles, standing in line waiting to be served, screaming kids, and Christmas muzak!!!

Update 17 December 2015

I had my second delivery last night. All went as well as the first, except I was the biggest numduck around because instead of ordering five individual nectarines, I ordered five 1 kg packs of nectarines! All my fault for not checking the details closely. I won’t make that mistake again…



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12 12 2015

AND unplanned impulse buying was bypassed!!! That alone saved you $$$$$! Praying for a successful surgery…….hugs…………..

13 12 2015

Absolutely! And thanks for the surgery wishes.

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