Community Quilt 247

11 12 2015

How to quilt this quilt? I thought of doing an overall motif, but those straight strips kept calling me 😉 Instead, I decided to do straight lines extending past the straight strips in both vertical and horizontal directions.

The border fabric was so ‘busy’ that a large stipple was all that was necessary to stitch the layers together.

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Threads used:

  • Top: Robison-Anton ‘Raspberry’ (40 wt, rayon, colour 2426)
  • Bottom: Fil-Tec Magna Glide Classic pre-wound bobbin (dark gray)


Community Quilt 246

11 12 2015

This quilt had bias edges on the diamond shapes that needed to be dealt with as they were causing quite a bit of puffing as they were stretching out of shape.

I started by stitching in the ditch around all the blocks, borders, and stars. Then I echo stitched (in red) inside each of the diamonds, filling every alternate diamond with ribbon candy and the others with some more ruler work. All this stitching was successful in stopping the puffiness caused by the bias fabric.

I finished off with a wonky star in the centre square and some basic stippling in black backgrounds around each star, leaving the sashing strips and borders unstitched.

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Threads used:

  • Top: Robison-Anton ‘Tuxedo Red’ (40 wt, rayon, colour 2420); black
  • Bottom: Fil-Tec Magna Glide Classic pre-wound bobbin (black)