Santa Fe dogs get treated really well

23 11 2014

There are dogs everywhere in Santa Fe. Not street dogs — well cared for dogs, on leashes, with owners in tow, and, if it’s cold, with little jackets on. Many are allowed in shops and galleries, and some places cater to dogs (see photo below).

Surprisingly, there’s no dog poop on the sidewalks! Which I guess is why the city has no problems with dogs in stores.



23 11 2014

While going through my photos from the trip, I spotted this one that I didn’t realise I’d taken. I was trying to capture the landscape outside the bus, and in the process I captured the reflection of me looking outside the window.


Photos from my trip to NZ and the US

23 11 2014

For those who’ve been following along… here are the links to most of my photos on Flickr from all the different aspects of my recent 6-week trip to New Zealand and the USA.

The only photos missing from this list are photos of my Michigan family — I don’t post pictures of family. Ever.

Christchurch, NZ photos:

TranzAlpine train trip photos:

Michigan (general):

Houston (general):

NASA tour:

Houston International Quilt Festival: (227 photos)

Houston IQF class work I did (or teacher samples):

QuiltVenture trip (after IQF): (760 photos, including one video of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir rehearsal we attended!)

Logan, UT: (where I stayed after the others left, and where we got snow!)

And just because they are everywhere, an album of patterns: (spotted in carpets, wall coverings, curtains, cushions, architecture etc.)


Big wheels turning

23 11 2014

Spotted on the drive home from the airport last week… check out the size of the tires, compared to the size of the tires on the truck carrying this load!