Training them well

18 11 2014

I observed a gratifying bit of chivalry and kindness today.  I was seated on the shuttle bus between the Sydney international and domestic airports when a lady got on. She was probably in her 70s… perhaps a little older or younger.

A young man  (in his late 20s or 30s) gave his seat to her and moved to stand in front of where I was sitting.  His boarding pass was in his jeans pocket and I saw his name. He was Darren Glass from the West Coast Eagles (I don’t know if he’s still playing); I recognised his face after spotting his name.

When we got to the domestic terminal,  there were a few stairs to climb.  I was struggling to balance my carry-on luggage along with my newly acquired Duty Free liquor for my husband,  and he offered to help.

No doubt the upbringing from his parents had a lot to do with his behaviour,  but I think the Eagles did too. He was the only younger person on the entire bus who offered their seat to an older person. It was good to see that basic good manners aren’t dead yet.



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