Houston classes – Saturday

2 11 2014

I only had one paid for class today – the Saturday Sampler. I went to six different stations in the two hours,  sampling various techniques on offer.

Then I met Karel from San Antonio for lunch and a long natter. It was great to see her again.

Next was a free demo in the ‘Paint’ section of the Crafts area just outside the food court, where Betty Busby was demonstrating a technique. I had hoped she would be demonstrating how she does the delicate work on her art quilts that feature cellular structures (Google her), but she wasn’t. Instead, she was demo’ing the torn edge technique with Shiva Paintstiks onto silk,  which was very similar to my first class on Tuesday.

So I left and checked out more of the vendor mall before heading back to the pool in the sky to have a swim.

I went out to dinner this evening with the lovely Sara and her delightful family.

That’s the end of my Houston classes. Tomorrow is the last day of the Festival,  and I’m done with the vendor mall,  so I’ll likely spend most of the day checking out the exhibitions more closely. And packing. We have to be ready to take the bus to the airport by 6:20am Monday morning!






2 responses

2 11 2014

She mentions in her blog that she uses a heat gun to melt the polyester fabric http://bettybusbyblog.blogspot.com.au/2012/01/artery.html so perhaps that is how she does it.

2 11 2014

Thanks Pip.

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