Houston classes – Friday

1 11 2014

Today started with Friday Sampler,  a two hour taster of 30 quiltmakers’ techniques.  Not all interested me,  but about six or so did and there was plenty of time to go to those stations plus a couple of others. Each presenter talked about an aspect of their process for about 10 minutes,  then people moved on to the next presenter. As with the Mixed Media Miscellany yesterday,  it all worked well.

After lunch I attended two lectures.  The first from Sue Nickels on the history of machine quilting using a domestic sewing machine (a history that goes back to about the 1870s based on the antique quilts Sue has collected). Interesting stuff.

The second lecture was on using software such as Photoshop Elements and EQ to design your quilts,  and services such as Spoonflower to print your designs. I got quite a lot out of this one and more investigation is needed!

My final class of the day was an evening one (6 to 9pm). Like the one the other day,  it was a long-arm class on borders. The tutor (DeLoa Jones) taught us quite different techniques than the previous class,  so I’m glad I did both. We were using Gammill machines,  with two on each 18ft frame. These are BIG setups,  but despite the size and weight of the machines, you can move them with a fingertip.

And it was Halloween today so many people dressed up, particularly the vendors.








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