Houston International Quilt Festival marathon

30 10 2014

The quilt exhibitions and the vendor market opened at 5pm today for VIPs and those doing classes. By 7pm when it opened to the public, I’d finished walking the 47+ exhibitions and taking lots of photos (about 125). By 9pm, I’d finished walking the vendor mall and scanning all 1100! booths. I bought a couple of small things and that will likely be it 😉

According to my Fitbit, I walked 15500 steps, almost 11km, today. My walking shoes (Skechers GoWalk2) held up well, but I’m done in!

Tomorrow the festival opens to the public for the next four days. I’ve got quite a few classes tomorrow and Friday,  so I’m unlikely to go back to the exhibition or the vendor market until Saturday or Sunday.

I’ve included a sample of the amazing quilts below… Be aware that there were a lot of traditional quilts on display,  but my interests lie more with the art and modern quilts,  so you won’t find many photos of traditional quilts. These are not your grandmothers’ quilts.










2 responses

30 10 2014
Donna Chambers

Wow – thankyoun for showing these quilts, beautiful, amazing! Glad that you are enjoying the show, Rhonda.

8 11 2014
Dawn C.

All are breathtaking!

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