Is this the way of all supermarkets?

25 10 2014

One thing I’ve noticed this time in the US is the proliferation of other services and/or businesses inside the confines of a supermarket. It used to be (and still is in much of Australia) that the supermarket was pretty much only for groceries,  perhaps with some kitchen utensils or basics like socks. And other stores in a mall provided the other good and services.

I’ve been to at least one Meijer and one Walmart store and both had services inside the walls (but outside the checkout area) for things such as flu shots (and other vaccinations),  pharmacy (full prescription one too),  bank,  opticians,  finance providers,  even a Subway. Walmart branded all these (except Subway) with the Walmart logo,  so I assume they are all subsidiaries or franchises within Walmart.

I’m not sure what I think of this,  though I do think that having nurse practitioners give flu  vaccinations etc. in a place where people go every day or so is a good thing.

Just another observation…



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25 10 2014

Walmart and Target have Super Stores, but the majority of our grocery stores are huge and do have banks and pharmacies, but the rest are groceries, household items, beer and wine, etc.

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