Let’s go to the pond!

20 10 2014

On the family farm,  which my cousin now owns,  is this great secluded pond that he had dug out of a swale in among the corn fields. It’s very private and unless you were in a plane going overhead,  or had been invited to a bonfire/BBQ or summer party there, you’d have no idea it existed.  There’s a diving board,  a dock,  a fire pit,  even a sandy beach,  and I believe there are bass and possibly turtles living in the pond,  which in parts is 30 feet deep. Because it hasn’t been used much recently (summer is long gone),  the sand is peppered with deer tracks.

As it was such a nice day,  my aunt and I took the ‘jitney’ through the corn fields to the pond and I took some pictures (no surprises there  😉 ).






3 responses

20 10 2014
Mary Ed Williams

What a fabulous place! Wouldn’t it be nice to have a quilting studio with a big window looking out at the pond? My idea of heaven…

20 10 2014

LOL! Great idea 😉

23 10 2014
Dawn C.

Nice little spot to have lots of fun.

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