Clutch for an iPad

6 02 2014

Last month my friend Clare asked me to make an evening clutch for her sister’s birthday present. One like this one in my Etsy store:, but it had to be big enough for her sister’s iPad.

Clare chose one of my fabrics (a black fat quarter with a gorgeous gold flower burst) and I made it in an afternoon. I used a gold metallic thread for the quilting (all-over feathers), and a vintage black button that I *think* was from my grandmother’s stash from years ago.

I chose a lighter fabric for the inside only because there’s nothing worse than being out to dinner, for example, and hunting (in dim light) for something inside a purse that has a black lining!



I hope Clare and her sister like it!



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6 02 2014
Mary Ed Williams

What a lovely clutch!
Thanks for your post on the Handi Quilter 16 – please do more or direct me to some sites. My Tiara developed a tension issue so tomorrow I’m taking it 100 miles to the dealer to have the tension unit replaced.
When nesting happens, what are your suggestions for fixing it? Some say adjust the bobbin, others say don’t touch the bobbin, just the top tension – what’s a girl to believe?

6 02 2014

Usually I look at the top tension first. The other factor may be my own movement of the fabric… there a hesitation factor/moving too slowly. I have found it to be that the top tension is too loose almost 100% of the time.

7 02 2014
Mary Ed Williams

Thanks so much for the help – I’ll try being more consistent with my movement. A lot to learn with these babies!

7 02 2014

But… is an amazing machine and I’m lovin’ mine so much!!! It is a dream come true that I have one!!!! Let me know if you have any future questions…….Hugs………..Doreen

7 02 2014

Hi Mary

Nesting can be caused by many things, tension being one of them. Worn or wrong-sized needles, incorrect timing, needle in not quite right etc. can be others, as well as the speed you’re going (as Treadlemusic says below).

I always get the bottom tension right first (see Jamie Wallen’s video on YouTube about tension — it’s excellent). Once that’s done I’ll check the top thread path and then perhaps fiddle with the top tension. When I check the top thread path I’m looking at the number of holes the thread passes throw before it hits the top tension disks (sometimes 2 is enough, sometimes 1, and sometimes 3 – it’s trial and error), the placement of the thread spool or cone — at the back or on the horizontal spool holder (if you have one), the thread path (is it getting caught on anything? is it staying on the thread mast?), the tension disks (is the thread flossed through those disks, or caught outside them?) and the spring after the tension knob, then the path to the needle and through it — is the thread wrapped around the needle or caught something it shouldn’t be caught on?

I’ll also check that the needle is in tight and that the groove is facing me, and that the needle eye is positioned somewhere between the 5:30 and 6:30 position (5:30 seems to work best for MY machine).

And I’ll test everything on a practice sandwich, turning that top tension knob and rethreading several times to get it right. Don’t be afraid to turn the tension knob — it can go around about 3 or so times unlike a domestic sewing machine.

For more advice, join the HQ_Sit_down_model Yahoo! Group ( There are plenty of people on that discussion list who have all sorts of solutions to all sorts of issues others (especially newbies) have with their stitching and their machines. These are great machines, but unlike a domestic sewing machine, they take a bit of time to get to know.


9 02 2014
Mary Ed Williams

Thank you so much! I took the machine to a dealer in Martinsville and it turns out the problem was the tension screw was loose. Once that was tightened, the tension was corrected, and I came home,a happy camper once again. And they all told me “don’t ever ever touch the bobbin tension!”
Again thank you so much for your help – I’ll keep your information as well as the yahoo group’s.

6 02 2014

Rhonda…..Love the clutch and I so totally agree with your choice of lining color. Nothing more annoying than black/dark lining in a dimly lit setting. Beautiful finish that will have the added ‘treasure’ of that beautiful button and your gorgeous feather quilting!!!! Hugs………….

10 02 2014
Dawn C.

Very sheek, chick, however it’s spelled.

10 02 2014

Chic! LOL

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