Community Quilt 126

30 11 2013

I quite liked this quilt — even though the colours weren’t my preference, they went well together. Normally with a sharp geometric block design like this ( a disappearing nine-patch, if I’m not mistaken), I’d soften it by quilting a curved/rounded motif. But not this time — the quilt design and colours just begged to be stitched with a rectangular motif 😉

This is a continuous line motif I’ve used several times before. It’s pretty easy to do as there really are no rules. And no rulers either 😉

(Click on a photo to view it larger)


quilt126_02 Threads used:

  • Top: Fil-Tec Harmony ‘Tweed’ (40 wt, cotton, colour #14076)
  • Bottom: Bobbinfil (black)




2 responses

30 11 2013

I agree….that is a perfect stitching motif. I did one similar recently and found that it showed up well and was easy to get ‘even’ coverage. Yours is wonderful!!! Hugs…..

3 12 2013
Dawn C.

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT. I tend to like a masculine look – perfect for a boys room. These quilts would be hard for me to give away.haha

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