How does your garden grow?

28 10 2013

With solid rainfall in September, many of the native plants in our garden are in full flower at the moment, making the most of the spring sunshine before the heat of summer sets in. We have LOTS of varieties of Kangaroo Paws — one pink (I can’t recall seeing them flower before), several red varieties, a couple of greens, some oranges, and some yellow/oranges. The bottlebrush are also in full flower — we have some deep pink varieties. And the grass tree has a massive flower stalk on it, with the flower just starting to open. From one area out the back, all you can see is a sea of pink, orange and red! (the photo below doesn’t do it justice as many of the flower heads are quite small)











2 responses

29 10 2013
Dawn C.

How pretty. The plant with the big green stalk and grassy underbrush reminds me of an ostrich. I had to gasp – going into summer? Being on the other side of the world, it’s amazing at the differences, and yet, how easy we can communicate now.

30 10 2013

As it’s a native plant (known as a blackboy or grass tree; see, it would be more likely to look like an emu than an (African) ostrich 😉 Compared to the ones pictured in that Wikipedia article, the one in my garden is HUGE and is likely a couple of hundred years old.. or more. It’s been there an awfully long time.

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