Community Quilt 99

5 08 2013

This quilt was very dark and sombre, so I sparked it up a little by stitching it with a variegated thread in blue, green, purple, and yellow. I used an all-over continuous line quilting design — the squared-off variation of the headband motif I use a lot.

There was only one problem with this quilt — I don’t think the navy backing fabric had been pre-washed, as I got all sorts of staining over my Sweet Sixteen table overlay. It is particularly bad where pins have lightly scratched the overlay as the staining is in those grooves. I’ve tried a couple of cleaning options with no effect as yet….

(Click on a photo to view it larger; note: photos not super clear — I’m still trying to get used to the camera on my new tablet)





Threads used:

  • Top: Superior King Tut ‘Cairo’ (40 wt, cotton, colour #932)
  • Bobbin: Bobbinfil (black, 70 wt, cotton)




One response

5 08 2013

That ‘stained’ area is surprising! I have been expecting such with a couple of quilts I’ve done, but nothing showing…..yet. Beautiful job….one of my favorite stitching patterns!! Hugs…….

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