Dam little water

15 08 2013

A couple of weeks ago, we took a drive inland and into the hills and visited a few dams that supply drinking and irrigation water to this fair state. I knew the dams were pretty low last summer, but as we’ve had quite a bit of winter rain, I had expected that their levels by the end of July would be well on the way up. Not so. Most were in an awful state.

We’ve since had quite a bit more rain, but I don’t know if it’s been getting into the dams. If we didn’t have two desal plants operating, I suspect the Perth metro area would have run dry long before now. Not a pleasant thought.

Other than the parlous state of the water supply, it was a gorgeous day for a drive — cool and sunny for the most part, green pasture everywhere, a lot of the early wattles were blooming, and very few people were out and about being tourists like we were. But then, it was a Monday outside school holidays and in the middle of winter 😉 And of course, on such a winter’s day, what else to do but stop and have a nice hot pie for lunch!

Harvey Dam:




Logue Brook Dam (Cookernup):




Waroona Dam: