Community Quilt 97

21 07 2013

I’m nearly at 100 community quilts… three more to go! Though I’m not sure when I’ll reach that milestone as I know I have a LOT of drop-dead deadline work coming up between now and October.

This quilt was a quickie as it wasn’t very big (about 30 x 36 inches) and I quilted it with an all-over design. I did something a little different in the design — I combined a soft spiral with flames to create a sun-like effect, using a variegated pink and purple thread.

I hadn’t done this design before, but it was simple to do so I’ll probably use it again.

Oh, and this quilt had a pieced back too, so it’s reversible.

(Click on a photo to view it larger)







Threads used:

  • Top: Superior King Tut ‘Egyptian Princess’ (40 wt, cotton, colour #947)
  • Bobbin: Wonderfil Deco-Bob (cream, 80 wt, colour DB 112)





One response

22 07 2013

Very nice and the texture (once washed/dried) will be amazing!!! Hugs…..

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