Handi Quilter under table storage solution

26 04 2013

I’d been using a temporary tray for storing my brush, oil etc. for my Handi Quilter Sweet Sixteen. I didn’t realise it was temporary until it started to split apart! So it was time for a different solution. The real problem with the shelf underneath the Sweet Sixteen table is that it’s narrow and shallow — 9.75 x 2 inches (24.5 x 5 cm) MAXIMUM internal dimensions. It’s deep, so length isn’t an issue, but the height and width of whatever you put under there are critical. And you still need to leave enough space for your fingers to grab the storage tray too.

I was in KMart (in Australia) and saw a neat little bamboo tray in the kitchen aisles. But as I wasn’t sure of the width of the shelf, I called my husband and got him to measure it. Unfortunately, the tray was too wide for the space. So I went looking a little more… And in the same KMart store, but in the stationery area, I found what I was looking for in the scrapbooking section — a tray with lots of fixed and removable dividers with lid that snaps closed.

I only added a couple of removable dividers — I sure didn’t need the 30 (!) removable dividers that were included in the box (though if you’re a beader or scrapbooker, then maybe they’d be super useful).

It’s a PERFECT tray for storing my oil, brush, small tools, spare fuse for the bobbin winder, and needles. And it cost me the princely sum of $5! Gotta be happy with that!




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26 04 2013

Looks like you’ve gotten a nifty solution! I have a very narrow shelf unit I rescued from our son’s kitchen storage area. The cupboard/pantry had these shelves on the doors and were to hold spices or other small containers like vanilla/baking supplies. I’ll have to do a post on this one. Your solution is far more convenient…handy to your sitting area. Everything back to ‘normal’ sewing there???? Hugs, D

28 09 2013
Dawn C.

Boy I tell ya, I have an embroidery machine, & a Sashiko, & an emblisher, & a serger, and an old singer, and now So Very Sweet 16. Of course, they all take different needles, bobbins (luckily the thread is pretty compatible), and all that other stuff that goes with it. You really have to have separate marked containers to keep up with it all. Our KMart went out of business (so sad) so now haveta go to Wally World – but they have fabric………

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