Picture postcard perfect

2 04 2013

On Easter Sunday I drove down to Yallingup to spend a few hours with friends who have a holiday house down there. This was the view from their verandah. A perfect day, with enough wave action for the surfers. The place was PACKED.


My friends have two gorgeous parrots, but they are cheeky little buggers! They happily climb all over you, and, if you let them, they’ll kiss you and ‘clean’ your teeth…. and they’ll take anything shiny out of your ears too — like a diamond earring stud!!! Yes, the cheeky green one removed my earring and I didn’t feel a thing. Fortunately, my friends’ daughter was being vigilant and saw it happen so got it back from the bird… After she’d taken the photo! I’d like to have seen the look on the face of an insurance agent had I had to claim for a lost earring! Later, he tried to grab my necklace too. Thieving critter 😉




Caught red-handed stealing my earring!



2 responses

3 04 2013

I dream of such a setting! Fun with your feathered friends!!! Hugs, D

24 04 2013
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