Community Quilt 31

25 11 2012

This was just a small (42 x 42 inch) quilt. It was pretty busy with all those pinwheels, so I decided to follow the straight lines and extend them through the pinwheels. That left some quite large empty blue squares, so I did a freehand diamond spiral in them.

I can’t remember what threads I used for this one! But I think it was a plain mid-to-dark blue for all the stitching on the top of the quilt. And yes, I used a ruler for all those straight lines — my favourite Line Tamer ruler.

Click on a photo to view it larger.




3 responses

25 11 2012

This is stunning Rhonda, love the diamond spirals.

25 11 2012

Nice job! The quilting is totally in sync with the pattern… that “electric” blue!!

28 01 2013

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