2012 FMQ Challenge: November

25 11 2012

I left this month’s FMQ Challenge piece pretty late! I’m not very good at drawing spirals evenly… even when I try to follow the lines of the templates provided by Sarah Vedeler. I’m also not very good at doing runs of them ‘from scratch’ on the machine. However, when I have a piece to do that would suit a spiral, I’m much better šŸ˜‰

In fact, I did several spirals in one of my community quilts before I created my practice piece — and I know I did a much better job on the quilt than I did on my practice piece.

Anyhow, here are some examples I did this weekend to meet the November FMQ Challenge.

In this first one, I did spirals in the squares and triangles, using a flowing line to join them. I finished off this block with a BIG spiral in the centre:

In the next block, I did something similar to the first block, but this time just stitching spirals in the cream squares and the centre:

In this last block, I only stitch a spiral in the centre of the block:

And here’s my practice piece — there’s a long way to go before I get these nice and even! I marked the 2″ and 1″ lines, but didn’t mark squares for each spiral to occupy:



5 responses

25 11 2012

And here I thought they were intentionally random!!!??!!! Achieved perfectly! LOL! Hugs, D

25 11 2012
Quilting Babcia

Great job! In your quilt blocks and the practice piece, you seem to have these mastered!

26 11 2012

Great job with the spirals – I am yet to tackle that challenge. I really like how you had them go all the way around one of the blocks. Some very nice designs!

13 12 2012
1 01 2013
Community Quilt 49 « At Random

[…] wanted to try something different so I decided to stitch spirals all over the quilt, as my first efforts with these were pretty dismal. I wanted to break up the sharp edges and angles of the crazy […]

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